Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DOES 248 AUTO SALES LLC.........

Do a credit check?

*NO! We do not do a credit check, however we do require certain qualifications to be met
*not everyone meets certain qualifications, see dealer for details*

Accept those on SSI/Disability/Fixed Income?

*YES! We accept SSI/Disability, Divorce, Bankruptcy, No credit, Bad credit

Accept monthly payments?

*YES! We accept monthly payments, certain restrictions apply,
*not everyone qualifies for monthly payments, see dealer for details*

Require vehicle insurance?

*YES! We require full coverage insurance with a $500 deductible for the duration of the loan

Offer warranties?

*NO! We do not offer warranties, however we work with our customers on repairs
*see dealer for details*

Do State Required Safety Vehicle Inspection?

*YES! We take vehicle to a state certified safety inspection station
*we are not a state certified safety inspection station, and do not not offer this service

Accept checks?

*NO! We don't accept checks

Accept credit/debit cards?

*YES! We do accept credit/debit cards, however there is a service fee charged on dollar amount by card company.
*see dealer for details*

Charge interest?

*YES! We do charge a flat/simple interest rate of 39.9%
*interest is charged on dollar amount after down payment*
*flat/simple interest rate means it is the same dollar amount for the duration of the loan,
it does not roll over annually, and there are no penalties for an early buy out*
*see dealer for details*

Offer select vehicles for *$99 down?

*YES! We do offer select vehicles at *$99 down

*certain restrictions apply, see dealer for details*
**$99 down is limited promotion, not offered all the time**

Sell 30 day temporary tags?

*NO! We do not sell 30 day temporary tags, however provide you with all required legal documents to go to your local DMV to purchase one

Pay for tax, title and license expenses and add to loan?

*NO! We do not pay for your tax, title and license and add to your loan

* It is the customers sole responsibility to pay said tax, title and license fees 30 days from original date of purchase at your local DMV, let it be known customer is still responsible for regularly scheduled payments on vehicle, in addition to maintaining full coverage insurance with a $500 deductible.
We encourage our customers to keep this in mind and set money aside to cover
said sales tax, title and license expenses.

Sell vehicles for cash, NO payments?

*YES! ALL our inventory is available to purchase for cash out right, if you are not interested in utilizing our Buy Here Pay Program
*payment due in FULL at time of purchase*



*248 Auto Sales LLC reserves the right to refuse service 


 *Every customer cash or buy here pay here signs the Federal Trade Commission  Buyers Guide marked AS-IS NO WARRANTY*



*Not all inventory qualifies for our Buy Here Pay Here Program



*Not everyone meets qualifications for advertised price down and weekly payment