Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do a credit check? 

 *NO! We do not do a credit check, however we do require basic qualifications

*not everyone meets basic qualifications*

Accept those on SSI/Disability/Fixed Income?

        *YES! We accept SSI/Disability, Divorce, Bankruptcy, No credit, Bad credit, Divorce

Accept monthly payments?

         *YES! We accept monthly payments, certain restrictions apply, *see dealer for details*

Require Vehicle Insurance?

         *YES! We require full coverage insurance with a $500 deductible

Offer Warranties?

                                 *NO! We don’t offer warranties, however we work with our customers on repairs                                    *see dealer for details*

Accept Checks?

        *NO! We don’t accept checks, however do accept money orders

Accept credit/debit cards?

        *YES! We do accept credit/debit cards, there is a small fee

*see dealer for details*

Charge interest?

         *YES! We do charge a flat/simple interest rate

 *see dealer for details*

Really offer  vehicles for *$99 down?

          *YES! we do offer select vehicles at *$99 down *certain restrictions apply*

    **$99 down is a limited  promotion, not offered all the time**

*see dealer for details* 

Sell 30 day temporary tag?

*NO! We do not sell 30 day temporary tag, however provide you with all required documents to go to your local DMV to obtain one. 

 Pay for Tax, Title & License and add it to your loan?

*NO! We do not pay for tax, title and license. 

You will be required to pay for these fees 30 days from original date of purchase at your local DMV. Let it be known you are still responsible for your regularly scheduled payments in addition to maintaining full coverage insurance, as well as setting money aside to cover the expenses of your tax, title and license.




248 Auto Sales LLC reserves the right to refuse service with no explanation given


*please be advised not anywhere in our documents does it state “free car replacement*

*Every customer ca$h or buy here pay here signs the FTC Buyers Guide marked AS IS-NO WARRANTY*



WE take great pride in customer satisfaction

We aim to please by selling reliable previously owned vehicles.

 Keep in mind these are “used vehicles” we did not build them, they are not brand new.

We may not know all there is to know on previous history, as we also purchase AS-IS NO WARRANTY

We  DO NOT intentionally sell vehicles that may have minor issues unknown to us.

We take care of what we know 

We take all our units to a safety inspection station, we do NOT do our own safety inspections!

Customer Satisfaction has always been top priority for us, There is always a solution to every situation. 

Communication is the key factor! We can’t offer a solution if we are not aware.

 So before

*jumping to conclusions

*flying off the handle

Give us the opportunity to do what we can within reason!

Keep in mind we don’t know how you handle your vehicle once purchased

RE: not maintaining regular vehicle maintenance, checking fluids, checking tires and tire pressure, racing etc.

We are not responsible for negligence on your part once purchased. 

We do NOT offer warranties or life time warranties

However again are more than happy to work with you within reason (taking all aspects into consideration from both sides)

If this is not sufficient enough for you, We thank you for taking the time to read and possibly considering us for your vehicle needs.

Please keep in mind we are a family owned establishment with limited family team members and there may be times we are all busy with other customers

 If given the opportunity we are more than happy to assist you with our undivided attention once we are done with prior customers.

Have a time schedule, NO PROBLEM

We encourage you to give us a call or shoot us an email to set up a scheduled time slot to accommodate your schedule

Once we have the opportunity to reply your scheduled time slot will be first priority! 

Thank you 

248 Auto Sales LLC family team members

*248 auto sales llc reserves the right to refuse service*

*not everyone approved for advertised price down and weekly payments*