Due to the ongoing pandemic we

*Are practicing social distancing for the well being of our customers and staff, we are only allowing ‘2’ customers in at a time, We will work diligently to serve each and everyone of our customers in a timely matter

*Are taking the extra necessary precautions in sanitizing after each customer, RE: Lysoling office as well as furniture, and we have hand sanitizer readily available for our customers and staff

*Ask if you are not feeling well , running a fever, or have a cough to please come in when you are not experiencing these symptoms

*Accept anyone and everyone who chooses to wear a mask 

*Will be lysoling any vehicle that goes out on a test drive before anyone else is able to test drive 

*Have  limited inventory however are working steadily preparing other units to become readily available

                                                    ** Thank You for your patience and understanding ** Stay Safe & Healthy **